BSMP - Beat Saber Music Player

Play the jammers hidden in your Custom Maps folder

If you are like me and have thousands of maps downloaded, chances are, there are some jammers in it.

This app picks out random songs from your Beat Saber Custom Songs directory and plays them using VLC. Therefore you should make sure that you have the VLC media player installed and it is not a version from a decade ago. BSMP acts a bit like the Custom Menu Music plugin, but instead, it is not locked to just being ingame.

Next to the cover image, it also shows you everything about the song that has been gathered by the .dat files next to the song and, in addition to that, also connects to the BeatSaver API to gather even more information like upload date or ranked state.
Features include a Blacklist, so you can yeet all the meme-maps. On the other hand there is also the Favouritelist, if you only want to hear the best of the best.

Blacklist and Favourites are being saved in the UserData Folder in your Beat Saber Directory in JSON. This allows you to edit the Blacklist or Favouritelist if you missclicked.

There are also unlabled buttons above the ones for the Blacklist and Favouritelist:
  • Save the song to another location as .ogg
  • Open the map folder
  • Open the correspondig BeatSaver Page
  • Show the preview of the map

Of course there are also the regular controls of a media player at the bottom left. These connect to VLC over HTTP on Port 8080. Make sure there is nothing on that Port or the song won't play.

By default, hovering over the Cover image enlargens it, you can open it by clicking it. On the bottom right is the log output, you can clear it by clicking the button on the top right of the panel.
Customize your experience with many useful settings like changing your directory, skipping deleted maps, changing the accent color or disabling the blacklist entirely.

I might add more features in the future if the demand is high or if there is enough feedback. Possible features:

  • Timeline so you can scrub through the song like in a regular player
  • Playing the previous song
  • Convertion from .ogg Vorbis to .mp3 or other formats
  • Standalone player (no VLC)
  • Different languages
  • Loading songs from Beat Saber map playlists
  • Port to WPF, so you can adjust the size of the window
  • Material Design or other UI tools
  • Even more settings