ScoreSaber Rankings

Leaderboards with Filters, Sortings and Ratios

This is basically just the ScoreSaber Rankings Website, but implemented in C# using Windows Forms and the ScoreSaber API.

The most important part is the possibility to filter and sort by values provided by the API. After loading the leaderboard, you can sort the list by clicking on the corresponding column header. This makes it easier to find the player that, for example, has the most plays, watched replays or the highest ranked to non-ranked ratio. You can also find out, which players rank grew the fastest in the last week as it calculates the relative change in rank.

This is tied directly to the ScoreSaber API, which means that rates are limited: Requesting multiple thousands of players simultaneously will most likely result in a timeout.
To use this app, simply select a country from the dropdown menu or type it in. Then choose the amount of players you want to see and click 'Get Data'.

As this is a Windows Forms Application, the rendering of the rows is done completely on the CPU, which means that, depending on the player count, it will take a while until all the players show up.

Clicking and holding the column header lets you rearrange the table. Hovering over a player shows a summary of playerstats and double clicking opens the ScoreSaber profile page.

I also turtured myself by implementing a light mode. You can switch to it by clicking the toggle on the top right, but I wouldn't recommend it as you will probably never see anything after doing so.